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Connecting with Teens & Strengthening Family Relationships

Everyone has a passion, and that passion eats at their soul. Samantha has been blessed to live her passion through mentoring youth. Working with young people for two decades, Samantha naturally connects and provides the wisdom and support that youth need. She let's them share their voice, while helping them learn listening skills to enhance their relationships with their parents/guardians and teachers. Samantha helps teens develop their own life principles, offers one-on-one mentoring and group mentoring. Samantha is a certified Youth Mentoring Coach.

Mentoring doesn’t end at 5pm, mentoring is a lifestyle.

- Samantha Vance

“When I was younger I was shy and not outgoing. Being mentored by Ms. Sam has helped me tremendously because she helped me to believe in myself and always encouraged me whenever I was feeling down. If it was not for Ms. Sam always pushing me to my limit, I would not be where I am today.” - Kendra Westley “My daughter, Kendra first became involved in Ladies Learning to Lead while she was in the seventh grade. Kendra was shy, with low grades and didn't want to talk to anyone. Ms. Sam has taken Kendra under her wings and now my daughter is very outspoken and fearless. Young ladies in L3 are taught to believe in themselves, make the impossible possible, and to strive for excellence.”

The Westley Family